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Welcome to RagRetail.com

RagRetail is an entirely fashion-focused web site with a fresh new approach born out of a passion to do something different in the online fashion market. Our aim is to provide consumers with a greater breadth of product by some of the best know brands.

We also believe in giving new and upcoming brands a platform on which to showcase what they have to offer, rather than the traditional sites only buying from the more established brands.

We aim to achieve this by giving brands the ability to control the product they wish to sell at the price they wish to sell it, rather than the slimmed down product selections found on many other sites by handing the decisions of what to offer over to the brands themselves.

We believe this will give greater consumer choice and allow our customers to find the hottest new products and trends as well as allowing our brands direct feedback on what’s hot and what’s not.

As our brand offering and consumer base increases we hope to create a wave that will be unstoppable in changing the online fashion world forever.

We find its better to take lead than to follow what others are already doing.

Welcome to the world of RagRetail!